Behind the Photo: Steve Yang

Zeh Daruwalla

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Behind the Photos is a section where we interview photographers about one of their photos and their approach to the art.

Q: Where were you and what were you doing while taking this photo?

A: The photo was taken in downtown Vancouver. When I took it I had no special intention in mind and was solely walking around taking photos of what caught my intention.

What kind of subjects attract your eye?

The subjects that attract my eye are candid ordinary moments. Finding the beauty in things we see everyday yet not give enough attention to appreciate. This could be from a person working in construction, to a tree trunk by a bus stop we wait at every morning.

Which other photographers or artists do you draw inspiration from and why?

I draw the most inspiration from a well known YouTuber named Willem Verbeeck. Although his style of film photography and mine are very different he has an excellent way of slowing down time. His photos makes you feel as if you’re there in the streets with him. He’s superb at portraying the emotions and actions that was going on in the scene.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given or have gave about photography and/or the creative process?

The best advice that I’ve heard starting film photography was that the first 200 rolls of films you go through will be your worst. This keeps me working harder to be better everyday and helps me stay optimistic.

If you could take portraits of any one person on Earth, who would it be and why?

If I could take portraits of any one person it would most definitely be Adolf Hitler. Although he as a person is very controversial, I believe when capturing his photos I will be able to bring light not only to the evil that consumed him but the ordinary parts of him as well. No matter how much pain he has caused to people all over the world, at the end of the day he was only one man born no different than any other.

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