Does Modern Technology Produce Better Photos?

Yilong Jiang

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About a year ago I got my first digital Leica camera, the M9P. The CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor in the camera is considered one of the best sensors because the colour reproduction and rendering is unrivalled by other cameras. I fell in love with the camera instantly after seeing the first shot I took of myself as the photo seems even realer than real life! After spending some time with the camera it truly makes me wonder, if the advancement of technology actually contribute to better photos.

You can argue that there are way more pixels and image stabilizing with current camera models, but the sharpness of the CCD is just enough to look at and I haven’t found anything that can get close in terms of colour reproduction (most samples are directly from the camera with some being brightness adjusted).

For photography, do we need innovation or do we just follow the same formula and make it better and better? I think everyone will have a different answer, but to be honest, Leica seems to be the brand that are improving their formula — they know the rangefinder body type works, they know that the CCD Sensor works (sadly CCD Sensor is discontinued due to the unstable nature of the coatings), and they are slowly removing buttons and menus to make the cameras feeling more and more convenient and less complicated.

Many other brands are trying to push out new features that can aid the photographer to get a better image which I don’t agree with, as I consider the camera as a tool to take photos, not as an aid.

One thought on “Does Modern Technology Produce Better Photos?

  1. I agree with your point of view.
    After a year researching, i recently bought a D700 for it is a photographic camera, with dedicated buttons for essential features and not many bells and whistles. Also, it has a unique IQ, thanks to its sensor and dedicated software.
    I’m from the film only days, began shooting in the 70’s. I believe working on making an image is more interesting than spending hours in front of a computer choosing and then fixing one. Technology is fine but too much of it makes things more complicated. Unnecessarily. And, when it covers a photographer’s mistakes, it is not doing a big service on helping people understand their mistakes, grow. But that doesn’t sell cameras, isn’t it?
    I see many people realize this interference of technology and then enter a “back to basics” move to analog, film development, enlarging to learn more about the “real thing”. And that’s nice.
    It’s a new way of learning, maybe

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