How I Rediscovered Film & Developed My Love for Photography.

Zeh Daruwalla

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When I was about 17, I was looking through some old stuff my parents had put in storage when I found an old Nikon point and shoot camera. The camera itself was familiar to me. I knew I had seen it sometime before, so I asked my mother about it. Sure enough, it was the same camera she had used to take pictures of my sister and I when we were children. Honestly, I’m not sure what it was that peaked my interest. Yet the next day I was at London Drugs buying a battery and a roll of film.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t my first experience with film. I have a distinct memory of a blue disposable camera with Tony the Tiger on it. I think it came out of a box of Frosted Flakes. However, this time I had more of an intent to make some reasonable good photos. At least, that was my intention. So for a week this Nikon point and shoot went everywhere with me, until I gave the finished roll in for developing.

Prior to my discovery of the point and shoot, the extent of my photography experience was taking pictures with my phone. I think that statement in itself reveals more about my age than anything else I could say. Regardless, after that one roll of film, my conception of film was changed forever.

What I love most about film is how involved you are in the creation of each photo. As I progressed as a photographer, and managed to get my hands on a SLR, I got even more involved with every aspect of what makes a good photo.

I think I only shot one roll in that point and shoot before I got a SLR. When it comes to film and I, it truly was love at first exposure.

One thought on “How I Rediscovered Film & Developed My Love for Photography.

  1. Your English major is showing! Nicely written. I had cameras as a kid, but it wasnt until a girl gave me a Canon AT1 when I was 16 that I saw photography as an art. I’m 33 now, and I’ve been taking pictures ever since. Oh, and I married the girl.

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