My Experience as a Beginner in Film Photography

Pamela Subia

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My first experience with film photography came from finding my mom’s old camera in the back of her closet drawer. I remembered loving the quality of some pictures from my childhood taken with it, so I decided to buy a few film rolls and check if it still worked. It turned out that it was still working and as soon as I started taking pictures, I was very excited to look at the result!

This was a Canon PRIMA Zoom, so I did not have an option to experiment with lenses, but only try different types of film. I started with basic color 35mm and start experimenting. My first few pictures were mainly of my friends, family, and landscapes, which I did not end up liking too much. Even though the quality and colors definitely had a more interesting effect than those of digital photos, I did not feel like the image itself fit with the film quality. Then I started trying to take pictures of people in the streets, markets, and public spaces. I found that the result was considerably better and it made sense to use a film camera instead of a digital one for this since it gave the impression that the images had a story. However, I eventually stopped using my camera since I was definitely interested in exploring film with a camera over which I had more control.

At the moment I am learning a bit more about lens types and differences in exposure and may be getting a new camera to experiment with these. I am also interested in exploring different color palettes, potentially with lomo.

I am happy to see the film community in SFU is re-emerging and hopefully we will all be able to collaborate and learn together soon!

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